Technics RS-1700 Auto-Rever Reel to Reel

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Technics RS-1700 Auto-Rever Reel to Reel

Features of the Technics RS-1700 tape recorder include automatic reverse operation, a 6-head system, 2-tape tension-controlled DC brushless direct drive motor, photo-electronic auto-stop sensing, tension roller switches and take-up reel table servo control system.

Track system: auto reverse, 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system
Heads: 2 x erase/record, 2 x playback
Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan
Reel size: up to 10.5-inch reel
Equalization: NAB
Tape speeds: 3 3⁄4 7 1⁄2 15 ips
Wow and flutter: 0.018% (15 ips)
Frequency response: 30Hz to 30kHz (15 ips)
Signal Noise Ratio: 66dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
Input: 60mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)
Output: 0.775V (line)
Dimensions: 456 x 446 x 258mm
Weight: 25.7kg

20 February 2023

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