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SAM Renegade Turntable


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SAM Renegade Turntable with two tonearms and two cartridge AudioTechnics MM and MC.


Plate: MDF/copper/aluminium
Diameter: 300 mm
Height: 36 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Base plates: MDF/oak/aluminium
Weight: 5 kg
Drive: 100 – 230V
Speed: 33.3 / 45 RPM
Weight: 5 kg
Drive system: DC synchronous
Record clamp: brass
Turntable’s base: MDF/oak, 7 kg
Total mass: cca 22 kg

Fully working. Used 4-5 hours.
Possible minor scratches and marks of used. See pictures carefully for condition.

Testing and collection are welcome. TS1 1RD Middlesbrough.

Collection in person ONLY.


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