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Celestion 9 Three-way Loudpeakers



Celestion 9 3-way loudspeakers.

The standard 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter provides a superior performance over non-metal tweeters.
Secondly, a 4½” (110mm) midrange unit incorporating a chamber to absorb rear radiated sound separates the bass and mid-range loading while ensuring a smooth transition between low and high frequencies.
Additionally, the 6″ (150mm) bass unit utilising sophisticated Finite Element Analysis gives a clean, dynamic and extended low frequency reproduction.
High power handling capability coupled with low distortion (obtained through reflex type bass loading).

Good used condition. Has minor scratches and marks of used. See pictures carefully for condition.

Dimension: 497 x 206 x 250 mm (19.5 x 8.1 x 9.8 inches)


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