Sony SB-5335 System Selector

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Sony SB-5335 System Selector

Sony SB-5335 Audio System Selector from the ’70s.

The Sony SB-5335, released in Japan in 1977 during the “Golden Era” of Japanese audio equipment, is a really cool piece of audio equipment designed to offer total control The SB-5335 has inputs for 3 turntables, 3 tuners, 3 auxiliary inputs, 3 over a serious audiophile’s setup. The concept here is that you can hook up a diverse range of equipment and mix and match them and enjoy various combinations for listening. amps, and 5 speakers. The SB-5335 is constructed with superb and precise quality.

Dimensions: 430 x 170 x 325 mm
Weight: 6.5kg

STATUS: Out of stock

16 November 2023